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Songara Gaj Pipal -Ayurvedic Gajpeepal - Gaj Peepal - Scindapsus Officinalis Powder| Pure Natural and Ayurvedic (Pack of 1)

Songara Gaj Pipal -Ayurvedic Gajpeepal - Gaj Peepal - Scindapsus Officinalis Powder| Pure Natural and Ayurvedic (Pack of 1)

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Experience the power of nature with Songara Gaj Pipal! Made with 100% pure natural and Ayurvedic ingredients, this Gaj Peepal powder helps you reap the rewards of nature's bounty with zero additives or preservatives. Restore your balance and vitality naturally, with Songara Gaj Pipal!

Experience the natural power of Ayurveda with Songara Gaj Pipal! This 100% pure, natural, and Ayurvedic powder is free of artificial colors and flavors, and is never treated with chemicals - giving you a pure and powerful way to tap into the healing power of nature. Get ready to take your health to the next level!

Botanical Name of Gajpipal

Scindapsus Officinalis

Regional Names of Gajpipal

Chavika, ushan, chavikamoola, gajapippalimoola, Bengali : chear, choi, chai Gujarati : chavaka Hindi : chavya, chabh, chab Tamil : chavyam Telugu : sevamu, chaikani, chavyamu

Parts Used Gajpipal


Safety Information

This herbs is safe to use. No side effects of Gaj Pipal Powder have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor
before using Gaj Pipal Powder.

Recommended Dosage of Gaj Pipal Powder

  • 1 to 3 Gram
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  • Balya: Strength

  • Pachak: Digestion

  • Uttejak: Stimulant

  • Cough

  • Sandhivat: Joint Pain

  • Atisar: Diarrhoea

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Gajpipal is found all along the sub-Himalayan tract, in West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and the Andaman Islands.


Gajapippali fruits look similar to Pippali. But they are much bigger in size, and hence they are called Gajapippali (Gaj means elephant).

Leaves are dark green, large, 12.5-25 by 6.3-15 cm., elliptic, ovate, or nearly orbicular, caudate-acuminate, base rounded or slightly cordate, primary nerves distinct, petiole 7.5·15 cm. broadly winged up to the knee. Peduncle solitary, terminal, much shorter than the petiole.

Spathe about 10-15 cm. long, oblong, sub cylindrical, slender-beaked, green without, yellow within. Spadix equaling the spathe, elongating in fruit, greenish yellow. Stigma elongate. Fruiting- hemispheric. Berries,
few only ripening fleshy. Seed ovate-cordate. Fruiting spadix sometimes a span long. Stem as thick as the little finger.


Glucosides viz. Scindapsin A & Scindapsin B, Sugars & Fixed Oil.


The powder of dried fruits is used in asthma, throat infection, intestinal parasites, loose motion, piles, colic, and indigestion.


People with hyperacidity & gastric ulcers should avoid taking Gaj Pipal or hsould take it under proper medical guidance

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Can we use it daily?

Yes, it is purely Ayurvedic and no known side effects.

Who should use this product?

All men and women can use it if, they should follow the direction given on the box or should use it under proper medical supervision.

Can I use it with other herbs?

It is safe to use, however please refer the instructions or consult an Ayurvedic Doctor.

How to use it?

Please follow the instructions given on the package.



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