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Songara Bakuchi Oil (Psoralea corylifolia): Natural Therapeutic, 100% Undiluted, Natural & Therapeutic Grade - Traditional Remedy To Cure Skin & Hair Care Grade, Cold Pressed 50 ml

Songara Bakuchi Oil (Psoralea corylifolia): Natural Therapeutic, 100% Undiluted, Natural & Therapeutic Grade - Traditional Remedy To Cure Skin & Hair Care Grade, Cold Pressed 50 ml

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Unlock the natural healing properties of Songara Bakuchi Oil with this 100% undiluted, cold-pressed oil. Traditional Ayurvedic remedy, it is pure, natural, and free from chemicals, making it perfect for skin and hair care. Get the natural healing benefits of this therapeutic-grade remedy with every 50ml bottle.

Botanical Name of Bakuchi

Psoralea corylifolia

Regional Names of Bakuchi

Babchi, Bavanchi, Anindavi, Kamboji, Avalguja, Baukuchi in Kannada, Bhavanji in Telugu, Bavachi in Gujarati, Bavachya in Marathi, Karkokil in Malayalam, Karpokarisi in Tamil, Babechi in Urdu.

Bakuchi Parts Used


Safety Information for Bakuchi

  • While using Bakuchi for leucoderma, consumption of the following items must be avoided: Curd, Pickles, Fish
  • Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume Bakuchi without a doctor’s supervision.

Recommended Dosage

0.2 to 2 ml or as directed by the physician

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  • Skin Diseases: Eczema, Itching

  • Balya

  • Cough

  • Indigestion

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Ayurvedic Benefits

  • Benefits of Bakuchi for Dental & Bone Disorders
  • Benefits of Bakuchi for Skin Diseases
  • Benefits of Bakuchi for Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Bakuchi controls vitiligo spot because it helps in shrinking the white patches, the darker area slowly covers all white skin area, which leads
    to visible skin changes due to its Kusthaghna and Rasayana properties.
  • Bakuchi treats worm infestation due to its Krimighna (anti worms) property.
  • The seeds of the bakuchi plant hold supreme healing powers and are useful in remedying myriad health anomalies. The restorative properties of bakuchi as documented in Ayurveda include Ruchya – to remedy anorexia, Kushtangna – to treat skin disorders, Keshya – to improve hair growth, Shwasahara – to treat respiratory anomalies, Jwarahara – to remedy fevers, Mehahara – to rectify urinary tract infection, Vishtambrut – to cure constipation and other digestive disorders.


With the botanical nomenclature Psoralea corylifolia, bakuchi belongs to the Fabaceae family of plants that thrive in humid environments in parts of India, China and warmer Southern regions of Africa.


It is an erect annual herb that reaches heights of up to 1 m with branched stems covered with thin white hair-like projections. Leaves are typically 7 cm long, with a round shape, petiolate rrangement and prominent pointed margins with brown or black coloured glandular spots. Light purple flowers bud into one-seeded fruits. The seeds of bakuchi are shaped like kidneys, have a rather bitter taste and unfavourable odour, with an oleaginous pericarp exterior that exudes a therapeuticoil. The part of the plant widely utilised in medicinal applications is the seed, which is rich in the phytonutrient psoralein, as well as several other antioxidants.


1 Angelicin (Furanocoumarin)

2 Aryl coumarin (Coumarin)

3 Astragalin (Flavonoid)

4 Bakuchiol (Meroterpene)


FACE & BODY: Bakuchi seed oil can be applied to face and body in combination with coconut oil by the following method:
1. Take a few drops of Bakuchi oil (as per your requirement).
2. Add an equal quantity of coconut oil to it.
3. Apply it on the affected area 4-5 times a day.

SKIN REJUVINATION: It also helps in skin rejuvenation due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) property.
1. Take Bakuchi oil as per your requirement.
2. Mix it with an equal quantity of coconut oil.
3. Apply this mixture on the affected area and expose it to morning sunlight.
4. Repeat daily for better results.

VITILIGO: Bakuchi oil can be used for local application in conditions like vitiligo due to its Ropan (healing) property. It should be used with coconut oil for better results. It helps in healing of the patches which appear due to this condition. Tips

1. Take a few drops of Bakuchi oil.

2. Add an equal amount of coconut oil in it.

3. Apply it on the affected area.


Bakuchi should be used only under medical supervision during breast-feeding & Pregnancy.

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Can we use this product daily?

Yes, it is purely Ayurvedic and no known side effects.

Kindly follow the instructions with the product

Who should use the product for different benefits?

Kindly refer the page above for detailed instructions. also, kindly read the label.

Can I take this with other products?

Yes. It is safe to use. However, we would recommend using it with any other products after reading our how to use instructions.

In how many days I need to use it after opening the packing?

Though it is safe to use, however, Ideally you should use it within 3 months of opening the packaging.

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